Welcome back to Gem, Marina!

“This family feeling has not changed over the years, that’s what makes the school so special”, says

Paula Teniente and Carla Ramia

Marina Oliva, who studied at GEM as a girl,  is now the English and CMC (science for the contemporary world) teacher. When she finished school she studied a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism, a Post Certificate Degree in International Relations and a Master’s in Teaching Secondary Education. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Education and she also studied in Dublin, Ireland and Toronto, Canada.  

When she was younger she started being curious about travelling around the world and having international academic experiences, at least she visited around 40 countries. Throughout her life she has worked in different schools, in Andorra, Lisbon, Miami, Morristown (New Jersey, US) and Basel (Switzerland). She says all of her teaching experiences have been very positive and rewarding. Every school in every country is different and she has been very lucky to be able to teach in really nice places and with different types of curricula and students’ profiles. 

She always knew that she wanted to travel, but the reason she came back here is her son. He was born in Miami, and at that moment she realized she was far away from the family. That made her reflect about the importance of having our families close by.

Marina used to study at GEM, and she told us that the school was smaller and it had a nurturing environment but the family feeling has not changed over the years, that’s what makes the school so special. Marina is doing really well on her new job and adaptation because she has such a good mentor and all the support from her teacher colleagues and school staff. 

Finally she would really like to suggest new methodologies in her classes from her experience in the USA such as  the communication skills that American schools foster which are very interesting to prepare students for public speaking. 

To end, we would like to thank Marina for her time and we wish her the best of luck for this new stage of her life.