The students of 3rd ESO create an avatar

Last week, students of 3rd of ESO had to describe an avatar that they had created in the English subject

Signed by Dan Vergara

They had to design an avatar with an app and then describe it. They had to invent a character, give it a name, a personality, hobbies, likes, and dislikes. 

3th of ESO ended up with a chart with a lot of avatars and their descriptions, and a great example is this one, written by Oier Hernanz

This is Kumiter. He is in his early-thirties and has lived in Colombia since he was a child. The first thing we can see is that he is a tall and well-built man with a long face and tanned skin. He also has short white spiky hair, which goes well with his elegant well-shaven white moustache and beard. He has blue eyes and thin lips. 

Kumiter is a quiet and rude person at first sight, but when he is confident he is very funny and talkative with people. He is also light-hearted and reliable, although he is sometimes pretty bossy and selfish. Besides, he is very hard working, tidy and intelligent because he likes to keep everything up to date and tidy, although he is sometimes a little bit lazy. 

This guy is passionate about going out of his house, meeting his friends and seeing the world from other perspectives. One thing he loves hiking or horse riding, even if he doesn’t have one. He also enjoys peace and silence when he is alone at home enjoying his hot tea while watching TV or reading with his pets.

He usually wears trendy and fashionable clothes because he is a businessman. For example, in this picture of him, he is wearing a white silk shirt with an expensive dark blue coat. And as always he is wearing his round dark blue glasses. 

To be honest Kumiter is not very good with girls or talking to them. Although he would like to find a woman, that he could travel around the world and live new experiences with her – a fun, intelligent and talkative woman. In other words, a long-term relationship with the love of his life. But where is this woman?