“Nǐ hǎo” China!

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Today we are interviewing Me:

Ye, lifelong Chinese citizen and student, who is here to tell us about the coronavirus situation in China currently.

What problems did this outbreak cause in China? What was the most difficult part of the quarantine?

这一次的病毒爆发在国内主要引起了什么问题, 隔离中最困难的部分是什么

The most difficult part of the quarantine was definitely not being able to just go outside and do the regular daily routine. Schools shut down and adults couldn’t go to work. All we did was stay at home.

How did you manage to go back to normal life? Was it just people getting more conscious?


It was both the people and the authorities doing their part. As the outbreak got worse, people realised that this was a serious matter and followed the protocol. The authorities, of course, held each other accountable.

Could you tell us a little bit how was the situation when the news first came out?


At first, people were confused. It was very sudden and we didn’t know anything about the virus, so we just thought that it wasn’t a big deal. Then it started to spread and we started to panic.

Your views on how other countries are handling their situation?


I only know about the US and the situation there doesn’t look very good. Some people are just ignoring everything and still being careless. The US definitely won’t be as easy to shut down as China was.

Could you give a few suggestions to people whose countries are just starting to get affected by the virus?


Not much. Just what the media is already saying: wash your hands thoroughly, don’t go outside as much but if you do, make sure to keep a safe distance from other people. Now it’s up to them if they want to listen to it or not.

(Català) Em dic Xènia Paredes Pi, tinc quinze anys, sóc una alumna que cursa 4t d’ESO al GEM, participo al GemCom i visc a Mataró. Sóc una persona molt curiosa amb la majoria de coses, sóc treballadora, responsable, sobretot una persona molt sensible, però bastant maniàtica en alguns aspectes. Faig volei a Vilassar i entre d’altres és el que més m’agrada fer, ja que, és el meu esport preferit. Jugo a volei des dels vuit anys i vaig començar aquí a Mataró i l’any passat vaig anar a Vilassar. M’agrada bastant llegir, sobretot la poesia, lectures de romanticisme, d’acció... Per les pel·lícules m'entretenen i m’agraden més o menys els mateixos gèneres però sobretot de por. Escoltar música i escriure, que és una cosa que m’agrada molt i reflexionar sobre qualsevol tema, són dos dels meus hobbies. Per contactar: xenia.paredes@gmail.com

(Castellano) Me llamo Xènia Paredes Pi, tengo quince años, soy una alumna que está cursando 4t de la ESO en el GEM, formo parte del proyecto GemCom y vivo en Mataró. Soy una persona muy curiosa con la mayoría de cosas, soy trabajadora, responsable, sobretodo una persona muy sensible, familiar, pero bastante maniática ens algunos aspectos. Hago voley en Vilassar y entre otras cosas, es lo que más me gusta hacer, es mi deporte favorito. Juego a voley desde los ocho años y empecé aquí en Mataró y el año pasado fui a Vilassar. Me gusta bastante leer, sobretodo poesía, lecturas de romanticismo, de acción… Para las películas me entretienen y me gustan más o menos los mismos géneros, pero sobretodo de miedo. Escuchar música y escribir, que es una cosa que me gusta mucho y reflexionar sobre cualquier tema, son dos de mis hobbies. Para contactar: xenia.paredes@gmail.com

(English) My name is Xènia Paredes Pi, I’m fifteen years old, I’m a student who is studying 4t of ESO in GEM, I’m part of the GemCom project and I live in Mataró. I’m a very curious person with most things, I’m hardworking, responsible, very sensitive, familiar, but quite maniacal in some aspects. I play volleyball in Vilassar and among other things, it is what I most like to do, it is my favorite sport. I play volleyball since I was eight years old and I started here in Mataró and last year I went to Vilassar. I like read, especially poetry, readings of romanticism, of action... For the movies they entertain me and I like more or less the same genres, but especially fear. Listening to music and writing, which is something I like very much and reflect on any subject, are two of my hobbies.