“Even though the medical system in U.S.A is quite different to the one in Spain, everybody is treated in these circumstances”

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We interviewed Lydia Yu, a MIT student who spent a month at Gem school, to get to know the situation in Boston right now.

  • We would like to know how you are.

Pretty well, grateful to be at home with family. Studies are getting more difficult than before the virus because it all happened very fast. Despite this, grateful to keep in touch with friends.

  • Could you tell us where you live? What is the situation like?

I live in Boston. I don’t live in a big city like New York which is affecting thousands of people. The bigger the city is the more problems it is having to fight the virus. I’ve read that three thousand people have died in The United States. This greatly exceeds the deaths in Spain, which is worrying since there are many more deaths from coronavirus every day.

  • What do you know about this virus?

I think it’s a challenging situation. It has been unexpected and it has spread very quickly from the place of origin. It is a big issue that affects everybody’s life. Also there are a lot of jobs that are  starting to have trouble in their economy and it affects many workers. I do think that politicians acted a bit late and as a result, people didn’t take it very carefully. They should have learned from China.

  • What are the lockdown restrictions where you live?

There are not strict requirements just a few advices or recommendation that we should carry out. However, we can’t travel between different states. 

  • Are people allowed to do sport?

Yes. We can go on walks, hiking, etc. We cannot be in large groups.

  • What is the situation in hospitals?

Struggling, big cities are the worst. Curiously many of the people who have studied something related to health have started to graduate without taking some exams, as staff are urgently needed.

  • Does everybody have access to health service or just those with an insurance?

Even though the medical system in the United States is quite different to the one in Spain, everybody is treated in these circumstances.

  • How do you see the atmosphere?

Every day is changing. In general everyone is not in the greatest mood. Sad, you don’t see friends, you lost jobs, paid, not enough supplies. Surviving. Trying to stay positive. 

  • Do you think that there are people who are not aware?

Most people should have an idea because it’s a new all over the world, all over the news. But also they said not gonna affect us.

  • What is your routine now?

I still go to class every morning and I do exercise every morning. Class from 11 a.m to 15 p.m. and then after classes some homework and meet friends.

  • Many articles talk about the strong impact on the USA. How do you think it will affect in the coming weeks?

The situation  is going to get worst so we will need to follow the restrictions.

  • Right now there are people who, for example, are doing exchanges. Do you think they should have gone home instead of staying?

Stay where they are until the virus stops because if they fly it will be more problematic. 

  • How are you living the social impact? 

Some food is sold out very early in the morning. One can’t find toilet paper which doesn’t to be essential. 

It is said that is a manmade virus but I don’t beleive that it was created by a human being because it affects us all.

  • What about the climate change?

We are  “learning a lesson”.

  • What about your sense of humor? Let’s have a look at some “popular memes” around Boston.

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CASTELLANO: Hola, soy Gemma de Paco. Soy una alumna de 4to de la ESO en la escuela GEM, y participo en el proyecto GEMCOM. Vivo en Arenys de Munt. Soy sensible, pero también muy trabajadora y responsable. Me gusta escribir y dar mi opinión de muchos temas. Y me interesa el mundo de la psicología y de la sociología.

ENGLISH: Hi, I’m Gemma de Paco. I’m a student of 4th of ESO in GEM, and I take part in the GEMCOM project. I live in Arenys de Munt. I am sensitive, but also very hardworking and responsible. I like writing and giving my opinion of different topics. And I’m interested in the circle of the psichology and the sociology. gemma.depaco@escolagem.cat Instagram: @gemmadepacoo

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