Virtual AIDS magazine

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The students have created a magazine about AIDS

AIDS is a worldwide illness, people from the Third and First world get infected and die, on the other hand AIDS people suffer a huge discrimination. Millions of people die because of AIDS.

“It won’t happen to me!”. That is a very common belief, but AIDS has got no colour, no sex, no economic or social status, maybe after looking for information and working with the topic you will have a different opinion.

Because of this, during this term, in 4th grade, in the subject of the bioethics and communication skills, they are studying the disease of the AIDS, and the virus of HIV.

Bioethics is the study of the ethical issues emerging from advances in biology and medicine. The students have developed a project in English in groups of four. Each member of the group had to choose a role and had to do research about an aspect of the disease from a concrete point of view. They pretended to be reporters and had to interview a doctor, a drug addict, a heterosexual person, a homosexual person, and finally someone who is working in an AIDS association. They had to create a scientific magazine where each member was in charge of a section.

One example of the AIDS magazines is this one:

( Català ) Sóc l’Anna Bellido, una alumne de 4rt d’ESO del GEM, tinc quinze anys i visc a Mataró. Sóc una noia somiadora, responsable, que li encanta estar amb els amics i lluitar per aconseguir tots els meus repte, tot hi que també sóc una mica desordenada. Una de les coses que més m’agrada és el teatre, les pel·lícules de ciència ficció i les novel·les romàntiques.

( Castellà ) Soy Anna Bellido, una alumna de 4 de ESO del GEM, tengo quince años y vivo en Mataró. Soy una chica soñadora, responsable, que le encanta estar con los amigos y luchar para conseguir mis reto, también soy un poco desordenada. Una de las cosas que más me gusta es el teatro, las películas de ciencia ficción y las novelas románticas.

( English ) I am Anna Bellido, a 4th Grade ESO student in GEM, I am fifteen years old and I live in Mataró. I am dreamy and responsible girl, who loves being with my friends and struggles to achieve my challenge, all of which I am also a bit messy. One of the things I like most is theater, science fiction films and romantic novels.